October 23, 2015

The Realdolmen Group, Belgian market leader for single source  ICT solutions, is joining forces with one of the European leaders in medical information management, the French Medasys Group, publisher of the integrated DxCare software suite. This alliance enables Realdolmen and Medasys to offer a comprehensive and proven EPR (Electronic Patient Record). Realdolmen, capitalizing on the success of its HospitalAX Solution (ERP solution for hospitals, based on Microsoft's Dynamix AX), which addresses the financial and logistical processes, strengthened by its position as a benchmark player on the local market. Realdolmen and Medasys are also reaffirming their investment policy in relation to global healthcare challenges and their firm involvement in the transformation processes of the sector.

By placing the patient at the heart of the system, the proposed solution aims to optimize the everyday work of healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, secretaries) and make their jobs easier, based around shared, secure and smart patient data. Healthcare institutions can now expect to achieve the highest levels of excellence demanded by the supervisory bodies, and notably recognized by HIMSS Analytics. The implementation of such a solution clearly constitutes a crucial step in the construction of the "hospital of tomorrow", which will be able to rely on solid foundations to understand the opportunities for transformation offered by connected healthcare and predictive health models (Big Data).

A first hospital product is already at an advanced phase of implementation on the Belgian market, with strong positioning on a number of strategic cases currently underway in both the north and south of the country.

Realdolmen and the healthcare sector

Realdolmen has been active in the healthcare sector for just over thirty years and has built up a solid reputation over time. Its expertise is anchored in the "Healthcare Solution Suite" developed by the company in recent years. This is a uniform catalogue of applications and services that correspond perfectly to the needs of organizations in this sector.  Realdolmen has successfully introduced HospitalAX into many healthcare establishments, and provided internal and external collaborative solutions (front line healthcare partners), alongside a number of infrastructure and communications projects.

Medasys and the healthcare sector

For around 30 years, Medasys has provided performance, quality and innovation to healthcare establishments, both public and private, with proven solutions both in France and internationally in the fields of Patient Records, healthcare production, Biology and Medical Imaging. Being the leading French publisher of clinical software solutions, having worked with 11 university hospitals in France, including CHU Bordeaux (a major client with 3600 beds) and 10 cancer treatment centers, its interconnected professional solutions play a role in optimizing the clinical process for greater patient safety and cost control.

Medasys' expertise is particularly strong at a national level, with the management of a large-scale project (PICARSIS - hospital consolidation project covering 4600 beds) and through the level 6 HIMSS certification of three establishments using the DxCare solution: the Georges Pompidou European Hospital, CHRU Montpellier and Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint Joseph.

Branching out from its success on the French market, Medasys has also grown its international presence with customers in North Africa (EHU Oran university hospital in Algeria), Belgium, Italy, Asia and even in Lebanon. Since November 2011, Medasys has been part of the NoemaLife Group, leader in healthcare IT, making it one of the European leaders in health software solutions.

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