HospitalAX is an integrated software system that centralizes all information regarding purchasing, logistics, financial management and facility management. This allows your logistics department to concentrate fully on its role as the central coordinator and administrator of the logistic flows of goods and services. The input of automated transversal workflows allows a very high level of automation with efficient, responsible use of the available budgets.


Centralized and decentralized stocks

HospitalAX allows you to set up and follow up the desired critical inventory levels for the entire hospital, in both centralized and decentralized warehouses. These stock levels can be optimized with automatically calculated ABC analyses, which certainly benefits the cash position.

Optimal stock management and requirement calculation

Material Requirement Planning (MRP) automatically generates internal orders and purchase orders and takes into account the minimum and maximum stock levels and standard order quantities.

Internal purchase orders between warehouses and departments

The central warehouse can use different picking cycles for the decentralized services. The follow-up of delivery of goods and the provision of relevant delivery notes with backorder overviews allows departments to keep track of their internal logistics and maintain one and the same logistic flow for stock and non-stock items. These internal orders are linked to the accounting and the authorized budgets.

Stocktaking and inventory

Stocktaking and inventory are fully supported by the barcode application. Both allow cycle counting and ad hoc stocktaking as standard.

Mobile application

The mobile barcode application with corresponding label printing can be used by the hospital online and offline and is included as standard to increase the efficiency of the (service) warehouses and to guarantee their operation at all times.

Consignment management

Consignment management is set up so that the actual receipt, true consumption and final financial processing can be executed at the right time and result in a new consignment purchase order.

Serial number and batch number management

The HospitalAX serial number and batch number management includes due date functionality and offers a complete detailed track and trace system at the hospital. If desired, batch numbers and FEFO can be verified for manual consumption at the department and batch numbers can be actively reserved for certain devices.

Returns management

Internal and external returns or recalls can be easily linked to the original orders. This minimizes the administrative manual work.

Quality management

Quality management makes it possible to set up incoming delivery inspections. It also allows periodical samples taken from goods that have just been received or are in stock. This process is supported further by the preparation of analysis certificates and the registration and follow-up of non-conformities.

Consumption registration

Consumption registration allows the correct financial follow-up of what departments and patients are charged for consumed goods. The registration can be done in various ways: the goods can be linked to the department or patient manually with the computer or barcode application, the Kanban process at the department or automatically when received by the department.