HospitalAX, an ERP solution for & by hospitals

Hospitals aim at providing the best possible healthcare and services. They can achieve this goal by using a number of important business support processes that not only have an influence on patient and care provider satisfaction, but also on efficiency and therefore the financial situation of the organization. Every hospital benefits from a good ERP system to drive, measure or optimize critical business processes.

HospitalAX is Realdolmen's ERP solution developed for and by hospitals. HospitalAX is based on Dynamics AX, the ERP flagship of Microsoft. It was fully tailored to the sector’s needs and extended with typical hospital functions for finance, procurement, logistics and facility management.  It is also possible to add proprietary modules as well as integrate third-party packages.


For and by hospitals


Together with hospitals and external experts, Realdolmen established the Healthcare Consortium in order to develop solutions that support future developments in the health care sector.

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