Inetum-Realdolmen has been active in healthcare for more than thirty years and has developed a well-integrated Healthcare Solution Suite over those years. It is a ready-made remedy for healthcare needs. The Suite is a comprehensive platform in line with healthcare processes. It is a set of building blocks of solutions that have each proven their value in healthcare. You can easily use the different elements separately, but the entire system does provide extra added value.

The focus of the hospital and its primary care processes is on the patients and caregivers. At the end of the day, it is all about people.


Health Portal:
This is where all communication and collaboration requirements are grouped.
This healthcare solution focuses on knowledge-sharing and the exchange of information.

All the financial, logistic, facility and purchasing processes of hospitals are included in this package.

Health Ecosystem:
Interfaces with the other organizations that make the healthcare landscape complete.

Health Infrastructure:
The health infrastructure groups the general foundation in terms of data centers and cloud and in terms of the infrastructure at the workstations themselves (such as tablets, flatbed trolleys, DECT devices, etc.) with the necessary attention for security, mobility and connectivity.