The HospitalAX facility management module includes several logical entities, such as technical support, the project construction department and strictly facility services such as catering, reservation and space management. In view of the impact of the activities linked to this module on the entire hospital organization, it is clear that there is extensive integration with purchase management, stock management and financial management. This module is supported through a work station application, a web application and a mobile application with customized program windows for time registration and activity overviews.


Project Management

Project Management is used for various investments and to follow up the construction or renovation of hospital units or departments, for example. A standard bidirectional interface with MS Project allows your project managers to continue working with their usual tools. The integration with the financial module is seamless.

Management of integrated and freestanding equipment

HospitalAX offers you an efficient management function for integrated and freestanding equipment. This includes the management of medical, biotechnology and non-medical devices and systems, with extensive monitoring of the maintenance, purchasing and costs history. There is also a link with all sorts of documents, such as technical specifications, certificates, procedures, etc.

Contract management and supplier maintenance contracts

The management of contracts and maintenance is simplified by monitoring capabilities and automatic triggers for suppliers linked to agreed SLAs and warranty periods.

Internal preventive and corrective maintenance

In HospitalAX, maintenance work is controlled by manually or automatically generated work orders. They follow a set process flow, so the maintenance status is always known. The engineer's administrative tasks are limited thanks to a mobile application that makes work order processing a lot simpler.

Incident management

The objective of Incident Management is to streamline reported issues and defects throughout the hospital and to monitor and resolve them. This can be done automatically or manually. The history of the linked device or linked area and the corresponding contracts can be retrieved from the notification and work order.

Space and location management

The space and location management module allows you to set up a hierarchical space structure and set the localization of devices linked to the corresponding inventory management. Integration with existing localization identification systems is possible.

Reservation and lending management

Lending management includes the lending of devices and products at a fixed location in the hospital or in a pool for varying use. 

Catering services

HospitalAX allows for detailed catering registration and requests linked to an approval workflow. Catering requests can be linked to reservations. Automatically generated purchase orders or invoice proposals are also possible.