HospitalAX consists of a number of modules developed specifically for certain user groups and profiles. These have been integrated perfectly, but can also be implemented in phases if this is preferred.

Transparent and hospital-wide financial management

This module offers the necessary functionalities that enable a transparent and hospital-wide financial management. User-friendliness is emphasized because the customer follow-up can be easily initiated from one program window only.

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Support for the entire procurement process

With HospitalAX, the procurement department can take on the role of central supplier of goods and services in the care organization.  The entire procurement process is supported and monitored, from request to invoicing.  Goods and services, contracts, price agreements and suppliers are managed strategically and operationally in order to provide successful services.

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Integrated Facility Management

This module exists of several logistic entities such as the technical department, the project development department and purely facilities services such as catering, reservation, space and key management. Considering the impact of these activities throughout the entire hospital, it is clear that there is an intensive and thorough integration not only with procurement management and stock management, but also with financial management.  This module can be accessed on a workstation application, a web application and a mobile application with adapted program windows for relevant registrations.

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An answer to the specific needs of your logistics departments

The logistics management module contains a fully integrated warehouse management system (WMS), customized to a hospital’s requirements, as well as possibilities for integration with specific pharmacy and lab solutions.

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A tailor-made user portal

Due to their specific role within the hospital, care staff is usually not logged into HospitalAX. However, these people sometimes require access to supporting processes such as those for entering expenses, placing orders, reserving material or rooms, recording receipt confirmations or reporting incidents.  For this purpose, HospitalAX has been equipped with a user portal that gives access to the information and functions that are relevant to a specific user.